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The basement flood happened so quickly, the rising water flowed throughout your island home. You need to call for professional cleaning help with flood damage restoration. Sacramento Carpet Cleaners will provide the repair and care that you must have to dry out in the walls and floors of your house. Whether your water issue was because of a rising river, a broken pipe or a sewage issue, we are the one call you need to make to repair the problems. We will extract all of the standing water and cure the issues that remain once the water has been removed.

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You won’t be able to see all of the problems left behind hidden in the drywall, the baseboards and your floors. We have the best, state-of-the-art equipment to measure the moisture in all of these areas and we will bring the fans and extraction machines to pull the water out and dry everything completely. Don’t try to go it alone in dealing with a basement flood, SAC Carpet Cleaning is here to help! Basement flood damage restoration should be left to the experts. Just like in any home in the country, in California, a basement flood is something that you need to address right away.

First things first

We will protect your furniture by placing blocks under the legs to raise everything off the floor. This allows the air to circulate completely around it. This helps the furniture to dry out quickly and completely, in order to stop any further water damage. SAC Carpet Cleaners will set up fans to dry out the flooring. We will also install attachments to your drywall that will extract the water remaining from your basement flood. We are experts trained in the techniques of flood damage restoration. Carpet Cleaners in Sacramento will take every precaution quickly and efficiently to rid your home of all of the moisture, providing flood damage repair with as little disruption to your home life as possible.

Water follows its own paths causing the lower floors to end up with standing water. A basement flood might be a hidden issue, since you might use your basement rarely. You might believe that you can just ignore the issues there. But anytime you have a basement flood, the water seeps up the walls adding moisture to the drywall and spaces behind them. This affects your upper floors as well if left untreated. We will perform flood damage restoration right away. A basement flood in the City of Trees should be taken care of by a local area company that knows the environment and the needs of this part of Northern California. We will do the job for you today!

Time is critical

You cannot let any moisture remain in your basement mold and mildew grow FAST if left unchecked. You must hire a professional to come to your home with the right equipment immediately to protect your investment. The sooner that you call for help with your basement flood problem, the sooner Carpet Cleaning in Sacramento can be there to protect your home. Any hesitation simply sets your home up to suffer more hidden damage. In addition, the flood damage repair will cost more if you don’t address it right away.