Best GoPro Alternative Cameras

Despite all of the possible upgrades you will add to your action camera, you cannot really put it to use to its full potential if you don’t know probably the most basic items about them. If you are a new action camera user, one of the general things you’ve to know is the kind of mounts to make use of on certain situations.

GoPro Alternatives

dbpower ex5000 gopro alternative action camera

An action camera is powerful, sturdy and reliable camcorder which may generally be attached to a helmet, body or vehicle by a clamp. The usage of action cameras is to make people film extreme sports, such as skiing or mountain biking. A standard video camera will never be be able to record you doing these programs as a result of the likelihood that it will break. An action camera is specifically built for these kind of opportunities, so will be reinforced, waterproof and generally rugged sufficient to take a good battering!

Read on to understand about the types of mounts which will offer you the best footages for different activities:

1. Mountain Climbing- helmet mounts are very popular for that activity because the height on which the camera is connected to the rider’s helmet provides the ideal width and height for footages. From its name, a helmet mount straps a camera on the front side of the helmet. On moments when the rider desires to get self-portrait style of footages, he also can extend this mount directly into “headlamp style” position that puts the digital camera facing him.

For people who have small bullet-style cameras, Velcro mounts are also a nice option. Here, strong adhesive pads and elastic straps attach the gadget as well as the side no matter the rider’s helmet. This is too useful particularly the rider needs to take the action camera off quickly during filming breaks.

People who avoid any headgears, then again, can make use of rollbar mount cameras instead. This kind of mount attaches the digital camera directly into bike’s handlebars and catches a lower angle from the helmet mounts. However, the rider can still rotate the gadget so he you can find the perfect shooting angle possible.

2. Snowboarding- helmet mounts are often a favorite for this kind of activity because they can shoot both documentary and point-of-view types of footages. Some also prefer to use goggle mounts since they can catch videos that follow the road of moving of the eyes no matter the rider. For those who skip coming from a headgear and glasses, however, head strap mounts which attaches the camera on the hat or beanie of the person are often used.

3. Motorsports – the curved adhesive mount is a popular choice when it comes to riders who wear full face helmets with visors. For individuals who do not want to get point-of-view videos, on the other hand, mounting their gadgets upon their dashboards can already suffice. Tthe HD camera can also be adjusted to encounter the opposite angle and get the reactions and commentary no matter the driver

There are several different types of GoPro Alternative cameras which people prefer to capture their footgage.

Self Contained/Wireless

A wireless action camera, or self contained action camera is an multi function unit. You have no wires as the facility, memory and talent to record video and sound are actually in usually the one unit. Previously, corresponding to using the ATC range they could be quite bulky, but new models just like the ContourHD or Veho’s Muvi Mini are a lot scaled-down and simple to use.


You may also buy action camera kits, just like the VIO POV 1.5. These camera kits supply all the things you have to will let you film your adventures. These kits will probably record into a high quality than a wireless unit. It is because they could be a little bit bigger together, as each part is separate and wired together. This makes them dearer and potentially take longer to set up. The biggest plus is the fact that the camera unit is generally smaller and the quality is nearer to DVD quality.

Select individual parts

You could also choose separate parts, different recording units, camera heads, microphones and so forth, so to boost the best unit. This will give you exactly what you want, but only if you know a lot about action cameras or are going to do lots of research doing this is probably not best to produce a beginner.