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Year: 2020

Practical Business Travel Tips

Unlike adventure trips or vacations, business travel requires a certain level of discipline and order. That is because most of your time will be spent handling work-related matters such as making business presentations, closing sales deals, and meeting with investors. In case you are a beginner business traveler, the following tips can help you to ensure productive and enjoyable business trips around the world. 

Create an Itinerary 

When traveling for adventure, you can always be flexible and change travel plans in an instant. However, business travel serves a specific purpose, which requires you to keep time and operate within given deadlines. You do not want to be late for a meeting or miss a conference simply because you used the wrong route to get to the destination. Make sure that you have an itinerary, which clearly shows how the journey will proceed including the activities and amount of time to be spent on each. You also want to prepare a backup plan in case things do not go as expected. 

Find a Good Accommodation 

Business trips can be exhausting, especially when you travel over a longer period. As such, you should find a suitable accommodation that will at least make you feel at home when on the road. It does not have to be expensive, instead, meet your daily living needs. Today, you can easily find cheap furnished apartments with all the amenities that you will need during business travel. 

Get Proper Rest 

Whether it is your first business trip or you have been on others before, a good night’s sleep is always essential to make sure that you are physically and psychologically ready for the tasks ahead. No matter how tight your schedule may be, find time to get proper rest between the activities. That will reduce your chances of developing fatigue and, also keep you happy on the road. 

Traveling for business requires that you are energized and have the drive to successfully tackle meetings with different kinds of people. Therefore, take some time to prepare yourself and observe the above tips for success. …

Hobbies You Can Learn When Traveling

Traveling can be a hobby. However, there are many travel-inspired hobbies that you can pick up on the road. Taking up new hobbies outside your work comes with many benefits. When you engage in an enjoyable activity that is not related to your work, you relax better. Your stress level reduces and your creativity can increase. But, what hobbies can you learn or pick up when traveling? Here are some of the activities and interests to consider. 


For some people, photography becomes a new hobby automatically. That’s because they want to document their memories and experiences. If you find this hobby interesting, you can develop it further upon returning from the trip. In addition to enabling you to take quality photos like a pro, photography can also become a career that will generate you some income. 


If you love art, drawing is a hobby that you can learn when traveling. You just need some colored pencils and a sketchbook to start drawing. People that are naturally talented or with art background can easily use drawing as a hobby that enables them to record scenes, people, and places they encounter when traveling. 


Traveling can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. However, you can use yoga to solve this. Use your time away to learn and practice ancient yoga movements. This will benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Learning writing as a hobby can be rewarding. And, writing is a travel-friendly hobby. You just need a tablet or laptop or a small notebook and a pen to start writing as a travel hobby. 

These are simple hobbies that you can learn or pick when traveling. They are not tiresome and they can make long flight hours less boring. And, you can develop these hobbies into rewarding careers after the trip. …

How Hard Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit the Travel Industry?

It’s no secret that the travel industry is among the sectors that have been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has led to massive revenue and job losses. Businesses that depend on travel have also been affected significantly. Here is a snapshot of how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry. 

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Airlines 

Many countries announced travel restrictions the moment the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. Since then, most operations of the major airlines came to a standstill. The global aviation industry has seen its revenue drop drastically. Most airlines have not been making money because their flees have been grounded. 

This has also affected the travel industry because people that prefer flying can’t travel. What’s more, businesses like travel agencies that depend on air transport have also been affected. Some have even closed down since the declaration of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the Hotel Industry 

Just like the airlines, hotels have also suffered the same impacts due to COVID-19. Most large hotels that used to host tourists have lost clients and seen a massive drop in revenue. Some have even been forced to lay off some employees. Hotels in major resorts and cities are the most affected. 

Effects of Coronavirus on the Cruise Industry 

Cruise companies will face a major battle trying to recover from the impacts of this pandemic. Since the stories of ships with infected passengers on board hit the news headlines, many people have avoided cruise travels. As such, the cruise industry has suffered serious losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. And, unlike hotels and airlines, cruise businesses are not eligible for aid because they are not considered as enterprises in countries like America.  

Despite these impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. That’s because most countries have reportedly put the disease under control. And, travel restrictions have started to ease in most countries. Thus, there is hope that the travel industry will eventually recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. …

How to Reduce Air Travel Stress

Traveling for pleasure or business can be stressful. But, flying has subtle tensions. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the flight by following these guidelines. 

Prepare for Unanticipated Changes 

Your itinerary can change at any time when traveling. If you don’t prepare for the unanticipated changes, you will end up being stressed. For instance, the weather is a major factor to consider when it comes to air travel. Even a mild thunderstorm can cause flight delays and lead to missed connections. If you don’t have options for missed connections, you can end up stressed and frustrated. You can even be stuck in a terminal away from your destination. 

To mitigate this, book direct flights. These are cheap and they can reduce air travel stress. Essentially, take your time to research the flights. Also, relax during the flight even when faced with unanticipated interruptions. 

Pack Light 

Airlines have charges for the luggage they allow passengers to carry. Therefore, check with the airline that you intend to use to know the baggage instructions to adhere to. In some cases, your carry-on will also be inspected. Therefore, take minimal carry-on luggage to reduce tension. If you have items that can fit in your checked luggage, fit it there. 

When flying in a group or with inexperienced travel companions, increase the pre-flight time. Your trip will be more stressful if you arrive at the airport with five individuals and start running to catch a flight. Baggage check-in, parking, security inspections, ticket counter, and pre-flight boarding take time. Keeping your group together requires time. 

When traveling with inform passengers or small children, you might be granted special considerations to facilitate aircraft boarding. Therefore, feel free to ask for help because flight crews know how to handle such scenarios. 

Passengers should be confident after preparing for a flight. Ensuring time allowance, proper planning, and booking in advance combined with light packing will reduce your air travel stress significantly. Save time and money and stress and book your next trip on

5 reasons Why You Should Visit China

Besides being one of the most visited destinations in the world, China has the largest population and is the largest 3rd biggest country in the world. In 2019, China welcomed over 145.31 million tourists. If you are wondering what you could possibly go to see in China, this article covers the top 5 reasons why you China is worth visiting. 

  1. The Great Wall

While it can be found in thousands of pictures, movies, or TV shows, you can’t feel the beauty of the Great wall until you see it, climb on it, and get to peer over it. Each year, it attracts over 50 million tourists worldwide. 

Besides being the world’s longest human-made structure (total length of 21,196.18km), the Great Wall is one of China’s most popular and visited historical sites. Initially, the wall was built as a military shield from enemies.

It’s approximately 2700 years old, and it spreads across 15 regions of Northern China. On average, the wall measures an average height of 6 to 7 meters, with the highest point measuring 14 meters. As for the altitudes, the highest point is in Huanglouyuan, measuring 1439.3 meters. The width is about 6.5 meters. More than 1M construction workers built the wall. 

  1. Spectacular Nature 

I always thought that China is a large city full of tall buildings and shopping centers. But the truth is that China has some of the World’s most beautiful natural life. There are plenty of national parks, high mountains, waterfalls, fertile plains, and other natural resources ready to be explored. 

To get the most of China’s natural heritage, don’t miss to visit the Avatar National Park of Zhangjiajie, the beautiful blue waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou, the warm tropics of Xishuangbanna, the Hangzhou fascinating West Lake Views, and the Holy mountains of Huashan. 

  1. The Unique Culture and History

For historians, China’s history dates back to thousands of years. Besides the Great Wall, there are plenty of other historical and cultural sites that you can’t possibly finish to explore even in a lifetime.

The Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Tea Horse Trail are some of China’s must-see historical attractions to set foot in. You will also love China’s cultural heritage, including Art, music, and religion. 

  1. The food 

The Chinese food is varied across regions, with the most incredible tea and rice dishes coming from the Westerners. Noodles, on the other hand, are common with the Northern People.  

For the best of the spicy Chinese foods, you should visit Human and Sichuan. The coastal region has a variety of fresh seafood. Other delicious foods, such as the Chinese barbecue and roasted sweet potatoes, are sold on the streets. 

  1. Amazing markets and shopping locations

For shopping enthusiasts, China is the best place to shop for the best scarves, bespoke suits, fine silks, tea sets, traditional Chinese knots, Calligraphy, and bamboo baskets, among other handcrafted products. Furthermore, China manufactures a variety of unique products, which are exported all over the world. 


The truth is that we can’t exhaust the beautiful and endless destinations that you can explore in China. You just can’t afford to miss what China has to offer to the World.